A ranged of 4mm scale car kits, covering the period 1964 to 1992. All kits feature poseable wheels, while some have alternative parts. All kits priced at £9 each.

64B28 Bedford HA van 1964-82

66H44 Hillman Hunter 1966-72

66V32 Vauxhall Viva deluxe 2-door 1966-70

67V36 Vauxhall Viva estate 1967-70

67V54 Vauxhall Victor 2000 1967-69

68V34 Vauxhall Viva SL 4-door 1968-70

69V54 Vauxhall Victor Super 1969-72

70A35 Austin Maxi 1970-80 not yet available

74F43 Ford Capri II Ghia 1974-78

78F43 Ford Capri Ghia 1978-81

84F33 Ford Escort L 1984-86

88V45 Vauxhall Cavalier GL hatch 1988-92

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